Why You Need to Have a Boudoir Photo Session ASAP

January 8, 2019 / Uncategorized

Spoiler alert – A boudoir session has nothing to do with those horrible vulgar photos that circle around the world wide web. Boudoir photography is a particular style of photography which features intimate, elegant, romantic and sometimes erotic images of its subjects. Boudoir photo shoots are often done in a studio, in our case – our St. Louis Boudoir Studio, a bedroom or private dressing room environment. And, while images are not intended to be public (they are usually for one’s partner), it’s becoming more popular for women to publicly share their Boudoir shoots as we, as women, finally come to appreciate our body for all its beauty.

Boudoir photography is there to make you feel good about yourself and your body and to get in touch with your femininity and sensuality. Below are a few reasons why booking a Boudoir photoshoot is a fabulous idea in 2019!


Celebrate yourself with a boudoir session

The best part about my job is witnessing the transformation that women go through during their photo session. Frequently women will walk in to my studio feeling insecure and unsure of themselves. Yet, after a wonderful boudoir photo shoot, where they are often asked to step outside their comfort zone, they leave feeling inspired and uber confident.

I can personally vouch (after doing my own Boudoir photoshoot) that observing yourself through the lense of a professional photographer enables you to see the beauty you didn’t even know was there. Having your photos taken sometimes isn’t about pleasing somebody else (although that can be fun too)  – it is about celebrating yourself.

To Snap Out of the Bad Stuff

There are many different life situations that can make you forget about yourself or make you feel less than desirable. Having children, going through a divorce or losing a loved one are all events that can reduce your sensuality as a woman and make you put your wellbeing at the bottom of your priority list.

The reasons for not being in touch with your sensuality don’t have to be so drastic. You may have simply put on or lost some weight. Whatever makes you feel less about yourself is a good enough reason to reconnect and to snap out of it. Having a boudoir session is a great and fun way to do this.

To Get in Touch with Your ‘Bedroom Self’

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that there is only one way of having a boudoir photo session. It doesn’t have to be about lace and lingerie, at all. The best way to go about this is to think about the three words that best describe your ‘bedroom self’.

Are you elegant, sensual and sleek? Do you feel that innocent, pure, and loving are the words that describe you better? How about fun, carefree and sexy?

Now think about those words and keep them in mind when choosing your wardrobe for the photo session. Sometimes, wearing white, cotton tees can be just as sexy and just as lovely as those in expensive lingerie. It is all about how you feel.

A boudoir session should not be reserved for Hollywood actresses and Victoria’s Secret models.

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