Why Work With Me?

Can we talk about how boudoir photography increases confidence? Let me ask you a question, have you ever had your significant other give you a compliment like “you are so beautiful” only to react with an instant eye roll or feeling of “yea right”?

As a 40 year old woman myself, I’ve experienced my own fears, insecurities, and self-doubt. My body has completely changed from the confident 25 years old I used to be. I have birthed two beautiful children, breast fed them, and well, gravity is a real thing! (Haha) Now, with that being said, I have learned to completely embrace and love who I am right now- stretch marks and all.

I want you to feel that confidence too and show you just how beautiful everyone else already knows you are.

Your only job here is to be yourself; your incredible, sexy self. What is my job? My job is to bring out the very best in you. With professional styling, the right lighting, and a few hours together- I promise this will be an experience you will never forget.

My Approach



Listen, I know you are nervous! That’s why I want to guide you through each and every one of your questions. I will explain the entire process of what to expect, we will talk about products I offer, what to wear, all of it.

Consultations can happen in person at the studio or even on the phone.



On the day of your boudoir session you will arrive at the boudoir studio in O’Fallon, MO off of Lake St Louis Blvd. Hair & makeup usually takes a little over an hour. (Don’t you worry, there’s WINE!!) We will look through your clothing, and I will go over everything to expect. Enjoy this experience and prepare to feel like a million bucks!



By far my favorite part of this experience!

You will come back into the studio about 2 weeks after your session to view your images. You will be treated to a movie style premier slideshow. We’ll guide you through the selection process and help you pick your absolute favorites portraits.  We’ll then help you decide which products suit your needs best.  Maybe it’s an album or a folio box or a gorgeous wall art piece for your bedroom or your closet area.   You need art for the walls. why can’t it be you?!


Product Delivery

Products can be picked up in the studio at no charge.

I Love My Clients

“Do it. If you’re considering it, don’t listen to all the reasons not to. Your beautiful even when you don’t see it yourself and Manda makes you so comfortable and tries to focus on your beauty in a way you don’t see yourself. This experience has taught me that I should listen to my spouse and friends more when they tell me that I’m pretty. I love that I can think of them and smile or that my husband thinks that it was the most awesome gift ever. It has truly been a great experience and I hope to do another one in the future!  Angie

To other women contemplating doing a session I would say go for it!! It’s an amazing experience and a wonderful way to improve confidence! Since my session I have more confidence, I feel better about the way I look. It definitely brought some sexy back! I feel more confident and sexier than before. I can’t wait to do another session! Juli

So, since I booked my appointment I scanned this page and keep seeing everyone post how amazing Manda Renee is and how comfortable she makes you feel! Meanwhile I’m thinking she is going to have to be a magician to get me out of my self consciousness zone. Lol its confirmed I realized she must be a magician the moment we were just chit chatting in my photo ready outfit. Lol

Manda Renee you truly have a gift! Today I felt like I could be the next Ashley Graham or any other plus size model! Thank you so much and can’t wait for my preview! Melinda

I’m still on cloud 9! I was sitting here thinking about today. How it was nice to step away from being a mom who spends most of her time with no makeup, in leggings and tennis shoes. Who, few hours, forgot about everything that she doesn’t like about her body. I forgot about my tummy, my cellulite, my wrinkles and I even forgot about my ugly melanoma scar. And as I sit here and type this, I’m crying happy and sad tears. Sad tears because I can’t believe I could be so negative toward myself. But happy tears because you help pull me out of that negativity. I walked out feeling a sense of confidence, that I haven’t felt in a long time. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️ Melissa

I just had my photo shoot this afternoon and had the best time!! I’ve never felt more beautiful in my life!! My nerves had completely taken over all morning, but after getting my hair and makeup done and meeting Manda, my nerves vanished and I felt so empowered with myself! I can honestly say I was way out of my comfort zone today but Manda helped me push right through it and I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for me today!! I cannot wait to see how my pictures turned out! I left today with more confidence in myself than I’ve ever had! I highly recommend that every woman have this done so they can see how beautiful they really are despite how they truly feel!! Kathryn

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