Why is Boudoir Popular for Women?

March 30, 2020 / Lifestyle

Modern Boudoir Photography Explained

Over the last decade, boudoir has absolutely exploded in popularity. Celebrating the power of femininity and sexuality is no longer something reserved only for the angels of Victoria’s Secret! In fact, if you dig into the history boudoir photography, it’s actually been around since World War 2! Pinup girls were all the rage (the cliche “sex sells” really came into action there), and enticing photos of beautiful women used to cheer up the soldiers overseas.

Since then, boudoir photography has taken on a life of its own. It’s no longer about them, but about us.

Modern boudoir photography is popular because…

it’s all about celebrating your femininity, strength and sexuality.

There’s a lot of misconception that boudoir is pornography, which is another topic for another day. Boudoir photography is not about sexual gratification, but rather about celebrating the beauty of the body and the strength of the soul.

Society has put a lot of image expectations on women – we’re all supposed to be a certain, a certain color, a certain age, a certain aesthetic. You know what boudoir photography does?

Boudoir shatters the expectations of society placed on women.

Boudoir is for anyone. It’s not just for the young, thin, rich and famous! Boudoir isn’t even about getting coated in makeup and lingerie, either. It’s about building your confidence, and showing the “you” that you don’t always get to see. It’s about realizing you don’t have to look or be like anyone else to be strong and beautiful. Hell, you don’t even have to wear lingerie to feel that way, either.

In short: boudoir photography is popular because it makes women feel amazing about themselves – and that’s a pick-me-up every woman needs.

Boudoir photography is the gift that keeps on giving – don’t you think you deserve the gift of self-love, too?

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